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Over the past few months my diet, and consequently my blog, has changed a lot. Here’s a mini history story:

I was first raised on a beef farm then we moved to a grain farm. Having limitless access to the outdoors and animals was 90% bliss, 10% chores; the chores weren’t all bad, how did I get these awesome toned arms? 🙂

As part of my dad’s annual bonus we got a 4H beef delivered to our door. As a kid I hated beef and pork (except farmer sausage). We would have Sunday roast lunch and I recall chewing and chewing and chewing and sucking pieces of roast in my mouth for days. Literally. Sometimes I would sneak off to the bathroom and spit it out in the garbage. My mother did not approve of that. As a youngster I was diagnosed lactose intolerant and grew up with a disgust of all things dairy and eggish.

As I grew up I began to enjoy well marinated steaks on the BBQ and yes, even Sunday roasts. I never loved the Sunday roasts but they were good. I also learned to enjoy cheese: if it was melted on top of tortilla chips or soups.

Then I moved to England and fell in love with seafood and cheese like never before. British cheese is truly marvelous. I began to delve into cooking with fish and prawns. It was lovely.. that is until I began to have some gut trouble. My GP tentatively suggested that I may have IBS but it was never confirmed. I carried on eating what I wanted and continuted to suffer gut discomfort.

After moving back to Canada I began to do some thinking about the environment and animal welfare. This prompted me to cut out all red meats from my diet, which wasn’t a huge sacrifice because I didn’t have a lot of love for them anyway, and buying only free range eggs and chickens. Happy chickens and happy eggs, right?

After watching a rather compelling documentary, Planeat, and reading many papers, I seriously began to consider cutting out all meat and dairy. The thoughts became a lifestyle change.

Today I am a vegan. I miss cheese dearly but my gut is happier for it. The stomachaches have subsided a lot.

This is the time for vegans! The options are amazing. No more are we confined to bland beans and rice. I do not feel as though I’ve short changed myself at all.

This blog has…

  • meal ideas (not exact recipes, so if you’re not comfortable with winging it as you go along you’ll probably not find a lot of my posts useful!)
  • thoughts on vegan and vegetarian lifestyles
  • information addressing misconceptions regarding a vegan diet

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  1. So glad that I discovered you blog! Excellent!

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