sweet sister! (gf oatmeal chocolate cookies)

gf pb cookies 2 gf pb cookies

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here and today I do not have an original but rather a shared recipe. I work at a cookie shop that does not make any vegan cookies. (Boo!) However, I am entitled to as many complimentary cookies to take home as I like. This results in an internal conflict. On one hand, free cookies! On the other should sits the angel, “Eggs from an unhappy chicken went into these cookies. Excellent economic value does not not mean it’s good value overall. Value is more than just a good deal!” and so the argument goes. Currently, I do take them home and give them away. Yes, you could probably argue that I’m a hypocrite.

I brought a bunch of my cookies over to my sister the other day and much to my delight and surprise, she was baking when I arrived. Cookies! She was making vegan cookies for me.What a darling! They were incredible and I got the recipe and must share it!

gluten-free banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

(click on the link to be redirected to the recipe)

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