quick lovely dinner by hubby

'chicken' patty on udon noodles

What do you do when the kitchen is already a disaster and dinner needs to be prepared? I enlisted the help of my hubby.

The ingredients I had planned to throw together to assemble something edible (though not necessarily delicious) were laid out on the counter. He got creating while I tidied up. It was such a fantastic exercise for both of us. I am quick to take control, which drives him and his creativity out of the kitchen. This evening it was his artwork that warmed our hungry bellies and it was awesome!


‘chicken’ patties on a bed of stir fried veg and udon noodles

  • – ‘chicken’ patties (These patties have sinews that are eerily like chicken, I kid you not! From Hearts Choices
  • – chopped veg
  • – 2 packs udon noodles
  • – sesame oil to drizzle as a seasoning

Pan fry the patties and keep warm. Boil udon noodles till cooked. Stir fry veg till done. Add udon noodles till heated through. Drizzle sesame oil to season noodles. Plate it and top it with the patty. Lovely and scrumptious!!

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