stewed root veg and dumplings

Thankfully there is an upside to the weather changing from sunny blue skies to bitter north winds delivering fluffy snow and icy roads: root vegetables are in season! Having gathered a bountiful harvest from Superstore, my fingers were aching to curl themselves around a knife handle and get chopping.

Initially, I had planned to make Red Lentil and Root Vegetable Curry, but since I wasn’t quite in the mood for a curry, the suggestion at the bottom of the post, “… a stew using some Italian seasonings and dumplings!” was too tempting to resist. Here you have it.

stewed root veg and dumplings

  • root veg of whatever you have
  • tomato paste/puree/diced tomatoes, whatever rocks your boat
  • Italian seasonings/spices of your fancy
  • lentils of your favourite colour

topped with:

super awesome vegan dumplings

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