portabella mushroom ‘in’ date

Not only is my wonderful husband fully supportive of my life gone vegan, he is enthusiastically cooking up vegan meals for us. Hooray!! I’d love to share this beautiful creation of his with you; it was awesome.

Portabella (Or is is ‘portabello’? Can anyone set me straight on this?) mushroom ‘burgers’ with spinach salad gone amazing!

The idea is:

  • Mushrooms grilled on ultra low heat for about a half hour
  • Top the mushrooms with bruschetta in the last few minutes of grilling
  • Stick that in a burger bun
  • Serve with your salad/chips/whatever you like with your burgers
  • Presented as a beautiful candle lit dinner!

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2 thoughts on “portabella mushroom ‘in’ date

  1. That looks delicious and I love th table spread – so kind and considerate of him! When I first went vegan my bf didn’t even want to know/meet vegans and by the time we broke up he’d gotten used to it and accepted it but it was still a chore for him, yet he’s impressed by women he meets now that are vegan! Honestly, doesn’t work with or without, lol it’s always nice to read about people with supportive partners and yours even gone vegan himself! Congrats!

    • Thanks both for the visit and kind comment! 🙂 Yeah, it’s awesome having my hubby’s support. It would be difficult if he wasn’t, it must have been difficult with your bf but hopefully you have opened his mind! 🙂

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