I can’t believe I’m going vegan…

It’s been a long time since I’ve written as I’ve been buried deep in chemistry books. In the process of upgrading my high school I’ve had my mind opened to thinking. Little did I know where this would lead me. You would not think that high school upgrading would lead one to become vegan but it has done for me. Previously I had not given much thought to where my food had come from to be on my plate. Provided it was nutritious, I didn’t care. Since diving into maths and chemistry I have learned to question everything, including the food I eat.

Since I’ve always been an environmental nut I’ve often considered the impact of other aspects of my life on the environment, such as the vehicle I drive and how often I drive it. I had no idea what the impact of animal based foods on the environment. I did a bit of digging and found to my dismay that I could not justify eating animal based foods anymore. It was funny how I kept coming up with justifications, “But I like chicken!” “Cheese is so delicious!” “I walk a lot so it balances my meat eating habits off!” Unfortunately for my dear husband, I have finally been convinced to give up my precious cheese and chicken.

No need to fuss, however! These are wonderful days for going plant based!! The variety of options for vegan food is astounding. There are fabulous blogs and cookbooks and vegetable proteins out there just dying to be discovered. It’s been very much like an Easter hunt for me. I’m disappointed to be giving up nice foods but at the same time I’m rather looking forward to exploring this vegan world I knew little about before.

That said, it is still not easy to be a vegan. Going round to people’s homes is probably the hardest. I feel like an ass having to tell my host that I don’t eat meat or dairy.. but if I don’t then we’ll both feel bad at the table when all I’ve got on my plate is a naked boiled potato. It’s also a pain to go out to eat. Hubby is an omnivore and while he’s very supportive, he wants to continue to be able to enjoy meat. Going out is the perfect opportunity but the menus round these parts is mainly beef, hamburgers, meatballs, cow, steer, etc.. it’s the wild west!

It’ll be an exciting culinary adventure over the next little while, so keep posted!

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5 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m going vegan…

  1. Coralee Schindel on said:

    David and I would suggest the Blue Star Diner. They only serve local foods (furthest away was Red Deer, AB) and the food there is phenomenal…. with vegan options! 🙂

  2. Yes, leaving the house is the hardest part of being vegan but I’m sure you will enjoy the change!

    • Vanessa, thanks for the visit! I am not looking forward to letting my hosts know as we get invited out to friends and family’s places, but yes, I am appreciating the change. No regrets thus far!

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